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be better than yesterday..

Kamis, Desember 29, 2011


u ever came to me to gave u a chance

to prove u'r feeling to me

with full of curios, i gave that

but u step away

without explain

when i felt that i did the right decision

through me away..

down and down

so deeply in the black hole

what i've done..

i really don't know to wake up

hope its only a nightmare

but its keep hurting me tic by tic..

huh.. i hate to realize this

that u not here anymore

to hold my hand

and save me from the dark

don't know

there's a light?

by now just let me in this ..

i don't wanna see the hope..

coz its just make me more sick..

just leave me alone

i'll not disturb anyone life

i'll keep satisfied with all of these

felt enough

and its happy..

felt enough

not arguing

not hope

not dream


no more